Audio mixer Review: Which One Is Better Between The GoXLR vs GoXLR Mini?

If you are doing Video editing or podcasting, you’ll probably need a good audio mixer to make excellent content. These two models (GoXLR and GoXLR Mini) are very popular audio mixers on the market. They are quite interesting pieces of hardware for live streamers, podcasting, and content creators.

Both models, GoXLR and GoXLR mini have a lot of similarities. Still, they do have some key differences that you should know about before deciding to buy one of them. In this blog post, we’ll try to explain those differences and walk you through the features of each model. Keep your chair warm, and continue reading this GoXLR & GoXLR mini audio mixer review.

Find out how these features can affect your work, make you better YouTuber, and how to choose a better audio mixer.

Compare Sheet – GoXLR vs GoXLR Mini

SpecificationsGoXLRGoXLR mini
Running OSMS WindowsMS Windows
XLR InputYesNo
Gain72 dB72 dB
48V Phantom PowerYesYes
Microphone InputYesYes
Headphone InputYesYes
Optical (For Consoles)YesYes
Faders4 (motorized)4 (non-motorized)
Mute/Censored buttonsYesYes
Sampler/Voice FXYesNo
Noise GateYesNo
EQ10 Band6 Band
Compare GoXLR vs GoXLR Mini

Best Overall Is GoXLR And Pricy Also

If we choose a better model it would be GoXLR. Moving forward, we have to mention that features won’t come without the extra money you’ll have to spend. Let’s see what exactly brings us a GoXLR audio mixer.

The GoXLR has a multi-channel mixer, which means that motorized faders let you control the microphone, game, music, chat, and more for the perfect Broadcast mix.

Studio quality MIDAS preamp makes your XLR microphone sound great while using a +48V phantom power, equalizer, compressor, limiter, gate, and De-esser features.

With a sampler feature, you can easily record samples on the fly. Not only that, you can load your own audio files to engage and entertain your audience.

Voice FX gives you control for hard tuning voice in real-time. You can easily add reverb, echo, pitch shift, megaphone, robot, or some other effect to your natural voice.

With a GoXLR app, you’re able to control basic or advanced audio parameters, sample import, and voice FX preset library.

How To Achieve A Professional Sounding Mix?

If you’re a streamer or doing online broadcasting, then you know how much hardware and software you need to achieve a professional sound mix. This can be quite expensive and time-consuming, without appropriate hardware/software equipment.

GoXLR Review

For advanced users, the GoXLR model delivers all the best in the package. This model combines advanced features no matter what you need it for. You can use audio filters, various effects, and samples from it. With the built-in sampler of the GoXLR, you can capture snippets of voice or other sounds. After doing that, you can easily store them as clips and then play them back on command. You can mix your sounds in real-time, change your voice tone, playback samples, and engage your viewers in a fun manner.

The USB audio interface comes with four motorized faders, which enables a super easy microphone sound control, music playlist control, or game sound control. The GoXLR includes a DSP (Digital Signal Processor), offering compression, Equalizer, noise gates, and de-essing for your microphone and channels. All these features you can set up within the app.

Take a closer look, and see what comes with the GoXLR audio mixer. This GoXLR review intends to show all the features you’ll get, and differences if comparing it with a GoXLR mini.

Best Budget Model Is GoXLR Mini

Don’t give up easily on GoXLR mini. Read this GoXLR mini review that follows and then decide is it worth of buying?

The GoXLR lacks some features, but on the other hand, it’s less expensive and for sure it is someone’s buying option.

Features that are missing, if compared to GoXLR, are the voice effects panel and sampler. This could be someone’s dealing break, but on the other hand, if you don’t mind, GoXLR Mini could be a great audio mixer for cheap. This model delivers many other important features.

Let’s talk about them, and see how good exactly is GoXLR Mini.

If we talk about the GoXLR Mini price, then it is good to know that the Mini model is more than half of the GoXLR price cheaper. The price difference is huge and worthy to think about all the feature differences between GoXLR and GoXLR Mini.

GoXLR Mixer Mini Features

The GoXLR Mini is smaller than GoXLR, which means it doesn’t require as much desk space. For those streamers lacking spare desk space, this is the model to think about.

The GoXLR Mini has many features GoXLR has. Let me note some of them: noise gates, equalization, compression, and de-essing. All these features are controlled by using an app but they happen on the devices and there is no impact on computer performances.

The sound quality of your microphone, through a GoXLR mixer or a GoXLR Mini, is absolutely identical. Both devices provide exactly the same excellent audio quality. This comes extremely important considering the GoXLR Mini price tag.

GoXLR Mini Review
GoXLR Mini

The GoXLR and the GoXLR Mini, both have an XLR input for an XLR microphone. By using a 3.5-mm stereo line-in and stereo line-out it is easy to make your setup. This comes helpful in case you’re streaming by using two PCs.

A great advantage of the GoXLR Mini, comparing it with a GoXLR, is the power input. Since this model is much smaller, it can be powered by a USB cable connecting it to your PC. There is no need to use a power cable.

The GoXLR Mini has four faders that are not motorized. The LED lights on the fader and a mute switch at the bottom indicate that change has been made. The new GoXLR Mini model now features a more minimalistic design, foregoing the extra LED displays from the original unit. You can still customize what each channel controls in the software but it won’t be displayed on the unit.

For those searching for something simple that improves audio and stream quality, GoXLR Mini is a perfect choice. If this is your first time buying an audio mixer, I suggest you go with the GoXLR Mini. Once you become a pro, think about buying the GoXLR.

What Are the Differences Between the GoXLR vs GoXLR Mini?

The headphones jack and the microphone jack are located on the front of the GoXLR Mini. The GoXLR has those on the back.

Does GoXLR Mini has motorized faders?

GoXLR Mini doesn’t have a motorized faders. The GoXLR have those.

Does GoXLR have phantom power?

Yes, GoXLR have phantom power. It also works with dynamic mics.

GoXLR Mini Alternative

If you’re not convinced about buying either GoXLR or GoXLR Mini, as an alternative I suggest you consider Creative Sound Blaster K3+. This audio mixer comes as the best GoXLR Mini alternative.

This Creative Sound Blaster K3+ goes toe to toe with the GoXLR, as far as feature richness is concerned. For the price, it’s probably one of the most wanted external sound mixer modules.

It features a variety of different connectivity input options. It has full support for 48V Phantom condenser microphones, and a straightforward to use control scheme.

It features six different streamer presets built into the board. New streamers are going to be able to hit the ground running with this audio unit just by using the presets that work best for them. Streaming games with this pre-programmed audio mixer gives you an advantage.