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BeamUP is a relatively small player when it comes to garage door openers. One point in favor of BeamUP is that it is perfect for almost any smart home user.

It is compatible with the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple, Homelink and IFTT smart home systems. This means you could control it via your Apple Watch or a voice command to Alexa. However, BeamUp is especially proud of their HomeLink compatibility.

BeamUP garage door opener

BeamUP in the US

Their smart controller and door sentry are compatible with almost all garage door openers made after 1993. An estimated seventy percent of all garage door openers could be replaced with a BeamUP unit.

The garage door opener beamUP makes is designed for do-it-yourselfers. It is designed to be installed without special tools. The company does provide online videos for those who have questions. For comparison, most manufacturers require you to pay for professional installation. Nor do you have to pay a subscription fee to use their apps or smart home software modules.

The Centurion Smart Garage Door Opener installs quickly & easily without any special tools.

This unit brings you real-time access & unmatched security with the Smart Garage Door Controller.

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Their three main models are the Workhorse, the Sentry and the Centurion. The Centurion can lift the heaviest doors such as large carriage house doors. Furthermore, the Centurion comes with remote controls and wireless entry keypads as part of the package deal. The Workhorse can lift both sectional and carriage house garage doors, but it doesn’t have all the remotes and controllers of the other models. The Sentry can handle relatively heavy doors thanks to its three quarters horsepower motor. Its remote also lets you control two additional garage doors or gates.