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If you’re looking for the best electric dryer to buy for less than $500, take a look at these 2021 and 2022 models selling in the U.S. We are going to write a review for few electric dryer models available in the States.

an electric clothe dryer under $500 review
electric clothe dryers

So, the question is: What electric dryer to buy for less than $500, giving ahead for models in 2021/22.?

Panda PAN865W 2.6 cubic feet

This compact electric laundry dryer has a drum made of stainless steel and 2.6 cu.ft. capacity. Dryer dimensions are – 23.6” W x 17.1” D x 27.6” H and it comes with many features modern laundry dryers have.

The drying capacity of this compact dryer goes up to 8.8 lbs. with a noise rating of 70 Db. Intelligent humidity sensor, altogether with Touch-screen control panel giving you all the convenience while using it. It is designed in a way to provide a kind of visual enjoyment.

Panda PAN865W has multi-Installation modes, which means that you can install this unit side by side, stacking, or wall mount.

Key Features

Brand: Panda
Model: PAN865W
Drying Capacity: 2.6 cu.ft.
Power Source: 110V – 120V / 50HZ – 60HZ
Rated Input: 1400W / 800W
Material of drum: Stainless steel
Unit Dimensions (W * D * H): 23.6″ x 17.1″ x 27.6″
Master Carton Dimensions (W * D * H): 25.6″ x 18.1″ x 29.3″
Unit Weight: 48.8 lbs
Master Carton Weight: 53.6 lb

This is actually a new model of Panda high-end compact portable dryer. It has a streamlined designed body and touch-screen control panel. Electric dryer obtains sensor dry functions (Auto, Eco, Heavy Dry, Delicate and normal) by intelligent humidity sensor and Manual dry functions (Hot, Warm and Air Dry). This unit is significantly under the $500 price tag, and still, it delivers some cool and nice features. With a 2.6 cu. ft. capacity you can easily and quickly dry clothes, sheets, table linens, and more, without taking up a lot of room. It is perfect for apartments or other small living spaces. Panda PAN865W perfectly coordinates with any Panda washers and any other compact washing machine.

Merax Electric Dryer

This Merax compact laundry, an electric portable clothes dryer is available for a price below $500. It comes with a quality stainless steel tub and with a Control Panel downside for easy control drying cycles. Users can adjust 4 Automatic Drying modes.

Merax short review

This compact and portable electric dryer fits in tight spaces, which is why this Merax clothes dryer is perfect for small spaces like apartments, dormitories, and more. It can be mounted on the wall to help preserve floor space in your home. Furthermore, you can install a Merax clothes dryer on the firm horizontal ground, or mounted on the rack.

It has powerful performance, no matter how small and compact it is. This electric dryer delivers 1400W power and it has 9.5 lbs large capacity. Merax electric clothes dryer ensures that you dry clothes in a very short time. Inner dryer machine component powerhouse functions at 120V and 60Hz allowing the dryer to reach temperatures of up to 140 degrees to achieve accelerated drying.

For less than $500 to spend buying an electric drying machine, by choosing this Merax model, you’ll get a multifunctional device that meets all your various needs. It delivers a wide range of selections: According to the material and weight of the cloth, you can set the time length or different modes for drying:

  • Cool(0-20mins): cool down the temperature
  • Warm(60-120mins): dry and cool cloth
  • Hot(120-200 mins): dry large quantities or bulky items
  • Air dry(0-80mins): run with cool air to freshening
  • Anti-Wrinkle (30-60 min): leave clothes wrinkle-free

Merax comes with a Quiet Design Tumble dryer that is specially formulated for quiet drying for minimal disruption, providing a comfortable environment for your home. Quality Build The design of the stainless steel tub makes this clothes dryer more durable, and you can use it for a longer time.

BLACK+DECKER BCED26 Portable Dryer

This is Black+Decker BCED26 portable dryer review and comparison to the other two models. It has a compact design to fit anywhere, with dimensions of 23.6” x 17.1” x 27.5”. This portable clothes dryer is ideal for apartments, dorm rooms, and campers. At 48.4 lbs., the BLACK+DECKER BCED26 clothes dryer is powerful with a load volume of 8.8 lbs. and a maximum inside capacity of 2.65 cu. ft.

It costs less than $500 which is why we find this electric clothe dryer interesting to write about. It is simple to use, just choose your mode: Pick from 4 different drying modes to best suit your needs: Air Dry, Cool, Warm and Hot.

BLACK+DECKER portable dryer can easily be transported, and still, it has the power to make all drying work you’ll need. This drying machine outputs 1400W of drying power and it comes with overheat protection. BLACK+DECKER BCED26 comes with a 4” diameter vent hose and exhaust connector. At 120V, this clothes dryer has a durable stainless steel drum and front-loading transparent lid. Drying times with this portable dryer can vary from 30 minutes to 200 minutes.


Stainless Steel Drum with this price? Yes, the BLACK+DECKER dryer has it.

It is perfectly sized for small spaces, without any disadvantages compared to regular-sized dryers. The portable dryer has great performance without sacrificing too much valuable floor space. Holds approximately 8.8 lbs. of clothes. Unit dimensions are: 23.6” x 17.1” x 27.5” (WxDxH).

Drying times can vary, and it takes from 30 to 200 minutes to finish and completely dry the clothes. To get only the best performance, keep an eye on the laundry you fill into the drum. Only fill the dryer halfway for fluff and drying ability. The drying times will be extended over traditional full-size dryers due to the fact that this unit uses 120V versus a 220V full-size machine. Drying times: 30-200 minutes.

BLACK+DECKER ECO Mode: The built-in ECO Mode starts the dry cycle with cool air, then changes to hot air once needed. This way it operates perfectly for eco-aware homeowners, or anyone who wants to save on electrical bills.

This unit could be our best buy an electric dryer for less than $500. It has so many features, and it is a compact transportable clothes dryer.

It is ideal for smaller spaces, whether it’s an apartment, dorm, or RV/camper. BLACK+DECKER BCED26 mini dryer comes with a dryer vent hose that’s 4” in diameter, as well as an exhaust connector, lint, and exhauster filters.

Final words

While we reviewing these clothes dryers, we thought that the price couldn’t be deciding factor overall. Sometimes you need to consider dryer unit dimensions and power consumption. It is not always the best practice to buy the cheapest dryer out there. These all are dryers under $500, with different designs, dimensions, and features. Take a look at each and then make a final decision.

If you like, take a look at gas dryers for up to $800. Also, make sure you know the difference between gas and electric clothe dryers.