Bowflex M8 vs M7

Usually, we don’t make these kinds of reviews, but hey, we have a few already, and this one follows that Gym category. This time we are going to compare Bowflex M7 and M8, making a review for both gym machines. Why did we choose Bowflex M8 vs M7 comparison and review? Well, they both are great at providing the most satisfying workout experience.

First, we are going to note similarities between these competitive models and then wrote about differences. Later on, you can make your own decision on which one is better.

Similarities in Bowflex M7 and M8

Let’s take a closer look, and find obvious things Bowflex M7 and M8 share with each other.

If you go for either one, you’ll get a 20-resistance level, up to 4 users that use the same gym machine, and transportation wheels for easy movement in your place.

Features from above are available in both Bowflex Max models, and now let’s go with the differences.

Make custom workouts that automatically adjust time and intensity as you improve.

Differences between Bowflex M7 vs M8

What are the actual differences between Bowflex Max 7 and Bowflex Max 8, and which one is better?


Bowflex M8 Display
M8 Display

Actually, all Bowflex gym machines are easy to use. These two have dual backlight displays, easy to read, and understand values. LCD display shows your current workout program and lets you navigate and track your daily results. Both gym machines have a display with a quite good and precise touch-screen. A heart-rate monitor can easily be seen, and one extra feature we have to note is that Bowflex M8 is compatible with a Bluetooth heart-rate monitor. On the other hand, Bowflex M7 contains integrated contact grips, including a chest strap.

Workout Programs

Speaking about the workout programs, we could say that the Max 7 is a better option since it has 11 different workout programs. On the other side, the Max 8 contains “only” seven workout programs. Depending on your preferences, this could be a dealbreaker. What we want to say is that both gym machines are amazing at providing you with better workout results.

Different workout programs are good because you can try them all and choose what exercise you’ll need. Try out the classic 14-minute workout or follow the Max trainer suggestion. It doesn’t matter whether you got 4 or 30 minutes to burn, the Max will automatically adjust your workout programs. And if you want to extend your workout time manually, press the button to set the time.

Smart App

Bowflex M8 introduces you to the Bowflex JRNY app which is also compatible with Bowflex M7. The JRNY app is considered one of the best personal coaching technology for users that ingrates gym machine Bowflex M8 and other models. It’ll let you make your custom daily workouts with ease and all comfort you’ll need. Furthermore, the app allows you to adjust times plus improve your intense workouts. Maybe a dealbreaker is the fact that the JRNY app is not free, it needs a subscription fee. In contrast, Bowflex M7 can be synced with the Max Trainer App, for free. That app is letting you set your targets. When you set your goal in the app, it will track your workout and show you the improvement results. You can also connect to professional trainers through the app.

Size and Max Weight level

Both gym machines are the same in size, with the same capacity. Bowflex M7 and M8 have a max weight capacity of 300 lbs. The machines are 49 inches long, 30.5 inches wide, and 65.5 inches high. They both will save space as these are designed with a fraction of the size. Also, they have transport wheels, and you can take the machine to any corner of your home.

User Profile

We have written before, 4 users can use the same gym machine. That is why both models are offering you to create four profiles for each. Moreover, the machines will track the workout history of 4 people. So now your family members can also use the same machine, also, track their workout improvement.

Other Features

Bowflex Max 7 and Max 8 are built with a media shelf, which we find a handy addition to them. Compared to the Max 7, the Max 8 is better because it has a magnetic media shelf. If you want to keep your tablet or smartphone to the machine, while you’re working out, just attached it to the magnet. Your device won’t fall down.

Q & A

Do they provide backlit displays?

The answer is Yes, both home gym machines come with a smart touch backlit display that is very handy.

Is there any USB port available on Max 7?

No, the Bowflex Max 7 does not include any USB charging port, besides the Bowflex M8 contains a USB port.

Is the app free?

Yes, the Max Trainer App is free. It is full of impressive features.

What is the warranty for Max 8?

Generally, both models are offering a one-year warranty. Also, you’ll get 90 days for labor.

Bowflex M7 and M8 Warranty

The Bowflex M7 and M8 both are coming with a total 3-year warranty. These two gym machines are perfect for those who want to use them for a long time, plus want to give them a handsome backup. Furthermore, they also provide a 3-year warranty on mechanical parts, and 3 years on the frame. And the labor warranty lasts for 90 days.


In this Bowflex M7 vs M8 review and comparison, we gave preference to Bowflex Max 8. If you still ask yourself, which one to go with? We suggest you go with the Bowflex Max 8. Though Bowflex M7 and M8 have similar features, still some exclusive things made the M8 outstanding. However, if you need more workout programs, then go with Bowflex M7.

By cent05