Next Gen Garage Door Openers from LiftMaster

LiftMaster brings us a new line of its products, with all new technologies and more convenient use. In this post, we are going to write about new garage door openers from LiftMaster, models 87504-267, 87802, 84501, and 84602. Let’s compare each and write a short review. We hope you’ll find a perfect LiftMaster garage door … Read more

LiftMaster: 8500 vs. 8500W features and differences

We are going to compare two LiftMaster garage door openers, both residential Jackshaft & Wall-Mount for top performance and security. Let’s explain what are the differences between 8500 and 8500W. Read this comparison, and discover the features these models deliver. LiftMaster 8500W DC Battery Backup Wall Mount Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener LiftMaster 8500 DC Battery … Read more

Liftmaster 8355 Garage Door Opener Review

The Liftmaster 8355 is arguably the best-rated garage door opener available in the US market. This particular garage door opener model is powerful enough that it can lift the door effortlessly making opening and closing smooth for you. Unlike other garage door openers, the Liftmaster 8355 doesn’t require you to give it a hand while … Read more

LiftMaster Internet Gateway Review

The smart home and Internet of Things now includes your garage door opener, if you have the 828LM LiftMaster Internet Gateway. The LiftMaster model 828LM Internet Gateway allows you to open or close your garage door or gate remotely. You could open it via a smart phone app while sitting in the driveway or close … Read more

Garage Door Opener LiftMaster

The garage door opener LiftMaster makes are installed in half of all new homes, according to a builder’s survey from 2018. They are the most popular brand of garage door openers in the United States. LiftMaster dominates the American garage door opener market because they make heavy-duty openers that open almost every type of door. … Read more