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Let’s calculate a bit, and say that if you go to work and back from work, you’ll open/close garage door tour times per day. Rough we can assume that there are 300 working days a year which means that you’ll open and close the garage door 1.200 times per year.

That is a huge number, even in this approximated estimation. The usage is high, so you want to own a high-demand garage door opener.

The US’s two most common garage door opener brands are Chamberlain and LiftMaster. Do you wonder which one is better? In this post, we will explain some differences and make sure you better understand what brand suits your needs.

Chamberlain vs. LiftMaster

Those two brands are most common on the market, especially if we talking about the USA market. Some statistics say that 15% of the whole number of installed garage door openers in the States are Chamberlain’s systems. This is the second most used brand, with a LiftMaster at the top of the list. One interesting fact is that the LiftMaster brand is owned by the Chamberlain group.

Chamberlain openers are affordable and a bit less equipped. On the other hand, LiftMaster openers have more power, delivering advanced features, but with a higher price range.

Although they have the same parent company, the production process isn’t the same. Also, each brand is targeting a different audience. Enough said, let’s see what each brand has to offer. Comparing a few models from the same category, we are going to write a short review of each of them.

Chamberlain RJO70 vs. LiftMaster 8500w

In a previous post, we have already compared these models. Read the detailed Chamberlain RJO70 vs. LiftMaster 8500W review. If you don’t want, here is a short comparison.

LiftMaster 8500W

A detailed LiftMaster 8500W review and feature data table can be read in the previously published post.

Check for 8500W features and options.

They both are wall-mount garage door openers, with a direct drive and a battery backup option. Designed practically the same, both are compact and easy to install. You can position each model on either side of the garage door.

Chamberlain RJO70 and LiftMaster 8500W are practically the same. The first one is easier to install if you want to do it yourself. Depending on where you buying, Chamberlain RJO70 usually comes at a bit lower price.

Chamberlain B970 vs. LiftMaster 8164W

These models are also popular, and people often compare them. Let’s see what each model offers and what you’ll get if buying one of them.

LiftMaster 8164W has a 0.5 HP, and steel chain drive. Chamberlain B970 has 1.25 HP and a belt drive system. Those are the most significant differences between LiftMaster 8164W and Chamberlain B970.

If you need to open/close a solid metal garage door, you should probably go for a chain drive opener. This means that LiftMaster 8164W is a better choice for heavy doors. For those with a lighter garage door, Chamberlain B970 could be more suitable.

This model has a bit lower price, which is why most people choose it. Using a belt drive has one small disadvantage: the belt will stretch over time, and you (the technician) need to adjust it periodically.

Both models are installed on the ceiling and they are not compact as the first two models are.

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