Chamberlain garage door opener

Chamberlain is a smart-home product manufacturer. Most of their products work with the myQ smart home network. Chamberlain garage door opener for sure is a well-known brand in the US. This company brings us smart technology and many innovative solutions with decades of experience and presence in the States market.

They primarily make garage door openers, remote controls, and accessories like lighting controls. This means that if you buy a garage door opener Chamberlain makes, it can be connected to the same myQ hub as the garage lights and accessed via an app or remote control. Then you can turn on the lights before you pull into the garage or close the garage door at the push of a button without getting out of your car.

Chamberlain in the US

One industry survey found that 15 percent of home builders installed Chamberlain garage door openers; this put them second only to Liftmaster.

Ironically, Liftmaster is a brand owned by the Chamberlain group. LiftMaster garage door openers are more of a “pro” solution. They have more power and more advanced features, but they also cost more.

If you need a basic single-car overhead garage door opener, Chamberlain is fine. If you need a way to lift a two-car garage door made of a heavy material like wood, you’ll need a Liftmaster. A side benefit of Chamberlain garage door openers is that they’re smaller and lighter, though that reflects the smaller motor inside of them. They also rely on a three-part trolley system that works fine for daily use but shouldn’t be used if the garage door is opened and closed 20 times a day.

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