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We use these batteries the whole time, with different designations sometimes unaware of their differences. That is why we are going to explain coin cell batteries and take a deeper look to see how different they are. We are going to explain three major coin battery designations CR2016, CR2025, and CR2032.

coin battery holders for different battery types cr2016 cr2025 cr2032
Coin battery holders

Although the whole internet is telling us that these coin batteries are physically different, that is not the only thing not in common between them. Nominal capacity is another thing these batteries don’t share between. Just like TESLA or RIMAC Automobili try to give more power load, producing psychically bigger batteries, the same thing happens here. The thicker batteries have a greater nominal capacity value than a thinner ones. Comparing CR2016 vs CR2025 vs CR2032 we can say that nominal capacity is following size variation for each coin battery.

Coin cell batteries have so many variations, but the principle is the same. The smaller battery has the less nominal capacity and vice-versa. These three designations are the most common and that is why we are going to explain each.

We use them all the time, sometimes unaware of using them. Before continue on reading, if you want to see differences at glance follow this link. If you want to learn some interesting facts, continue reading this post.

Where we can find CR2016?

In this group, CR2016 is the smallest coin cell battery. Usually, we can find this battery inside a hand-watch, or some other small electronic devices like calculators, digital watches, laser pens, car keys, fitness appliances, and all kinds of wearable medical devices.

Where we can find CR2025?

CR2025 is a bit larger (thicker) than CR2016 but still has the same appliances. This battery has been used inside small electronic devices, and because of relative optimal nominal capacity, we can find this battery inside modern tablets, small laptops, and mini PCs. It has enough load to keep CMOS settings and make our life easier.

We have mention CMOS for a reason. Unlike the CR2016, the CR2025 has enough capacity to power up CMOS for a certain period of time. These batteries won’t be replaced often, and the working period counts in years. That is why CR2032 goes where we need juice more often and still for a long time period.

Where we can find CR2032?

This is physically the biggest and battery with greater juice. CR2032 is thickest comparing to CR2016 and CR2025. That is why it has the greatest nominal capacity and more appropriate usage inside modern computers. To be clear, we can find this battery inside small electronic devices as well. One major difference is that it is used on the PC motherboards for the log time. Once installed, this battery can power up CMOS for 5 years or more.

Let’s compare these three

After a short intro, let us explain what are the differences between CR2016, CR2025, and CR2032. Take a look at pictures, the size of each coin battery, and the power diagram. This should be enough to show you all you need to know about coin cell batteries and compare each one.

cell coin battery cr2016

CR2016 coin battery

This cell is 1.6mm thick, has 3V and 90mAh nominal capacity. Like the other two, it has 20mm in diameter size. The main difference comparing to CR2025 and CR2032 is the physical size (thickness) and nominal capacity value.

It can be used to power up digital thermometers, weight scales, kitchen scales, calculators, and all kinds of remote controls.

Coin battery CR2025

CR2025 coin battery

CR2025 coin cell battery has 20mm in diameter and is 2.5mm thick. Just like CR2016 and CR2032 voltage is 3V with a nominal capacity difference. Unlike those two, this battery has 165mAh nominal capacity.

Just like CR2016, this battery can be used inside a digital thermometer, weight scale, and other small electronic devices. Sometimes we can find this battery inside tablets or mini laptops, powering CMOS settings.

CR2032 coin battery

CR2032 coin battery

This is the most common coin battery we use. Comparing to the other two models (CR2016 and CR2025) this one is the thickest. The diameter size is the same 20mm, and it is 3.2mm thick. The nominal capacity is 220mAh with the same voltage 3V output.

This battery is used inside small electronic devices, and it is commonly used inside personal computers and servers. Unlike CR2016 and CR2025, this coin battery has enough power juice to operate for years once installed on the PC motherboard. That is why it is commonly used, to keep all the CMOS settings.

How to install a new coin battery

Like when you replace any other battery, it is important to place the terminal as it should. The top cover, where designation stands, is the positive and the bottom is the negative terminal. Take a closer look at the holdings and replace the battery. Usually, the holdings have clearly marked terminals. Once installed, these batteries can last for years, depending on how often they’ve been used.

Are CR2032 and CR2025 batteries interchangeable

Although they are not the same, sometimes you can use a CR2032 instead of a CR2025. These two batteries share the same voltage and 20mm diameter size. However, the only concern is that the CR2032 is thicker than the CR2025. Another, less concerning fact is that CR2032 has a bigger nominal capacity, meaning that CR2025 should have a shorter lifetime.

What is the difference between CR2032 CR2025 and CR2016?

The CR2032 is 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm thick. A CR2025 is 20mm in diameter and 2.5mm thick. A CR2016 is 20mm in diameter and 1.6mm thick. When you’re replacing a coin battery the best practice is to replace the old battery with an exact model if possible. Only if you can’t find an original replacement coin battery, you can interchange between these.