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Genie garage doors are the fourth most popular product on the market according to industry surveys. Roughly eight percent of new homes have a Genie garage door opener installed. The company also makes professional line openers, though these must be dealer installed.

Genie garage door opener and accessories

Their traditional models include a 24 volt wall mounted unit that won’t need rails and 140 volt models that work with screen drive, chain drive and belt drive models. The 140 volt models are perfect for those who need to lift heavy doors. If you buy this Garage door opener Genie requires you to pay extra for the Aladdin Connect kit to get smart-home functionality. There are a few other DC motor models that run on belts and chain drives, but they aren’t worth mentioning.

Genie in the US

If you want smart home connectivity so you can check that the garage door is closed via an app, we’d recommend an integrated Aladdin Connect model. The wall mounted 24 volt model 6170 has a direct shaft couple drive. They have several versions with 140 volt DC models. These may require a screw drive, belt drive or chain rail. Their other garage door openers either require a belt drive or train drive rail.

Strong and quiet smart garage system, compatible with Alexa & Google Home.

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Aladdin Connect is supposed to work with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. The Model 6170 and 6070 garage door openers are compatible with HomeLink home automation and Car2U. One downside with Aladdin Connect is that the controller needs to be reset whenever it goes offline, and it doesn’t tell you when it goes offline. And these devices require you to get an account. On the other hand, Genie does offer branded battery backups for their garage doors. Most units have motion detection lighting, too.