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Aura Bluetooth smart lock you may want to have to keep your door safe and secured. This unit comes as a nice-looking smart lock for doors and safety for your home. Let us write a short review.

Aura Kwikset is one more smart lock device we want to write about. It comes in compact form and design, and it brings some nice features to you. In this post, we are going to talk about Aura Kwikset’s smart lock.

We are going to make a Kwikset review and answer some questions that many people ask. First of all, this smart lock comes with physical buttons, not a touchscreen like many other models have. Physical buttons could be a feature that you actually prefer more than a touchscreen.

That is right, Kwikset Aura Bluetooth keypad smart lock comes as an old-school door lock, still with convenience and features you want to have. Kwikset Aura comes with a Bluetooth smart interface, that enables you a smart control using the Kwikset app.

Kwikset Aura Bluetooth programmable keypad door lock deadbolt features top-notch SmartKey security, and maximum convenience and home security.

Kwikset brand is delivering this model in 3 color options. You can choose the color that fits your door. Smart door lock housing is made of metal, and it is durable for long time use. Item dimensions are: LxWxH 3.99 x 4.24 x 9.74 inches. This lock deadbolt is easy to install and it should fit your door without any extra tools needed.

Kwikset Aura bluetooth smart lock
Aura Bluetooth Smart Lock

Before continuing any further, if you want you can read about a few other smart deadbolt lock models. Yale Assure lock is made in the U.S. and it is quite similar to Kwiksmart Aura by how they both look like. A bit more high-tech model is WeJupit V8 Smart Lock that we wrote about. If you prefer a smart door lock with a fingerprint sensor, take a look at this one. Another good smart door lock with a fingerprint reader is SMONET Smart Lock. Finally, in our opinion, the best smart door lock is Lockly Smart Lock. It is a bit more expensive, but we believe it brings all the features you may expect from a modern smart deadbolt lock.

Let’s get back to Kwikset Aura smart lock. We find this deadbolt quite a good choice, especially for those people now willing to purchase expensive door locks.

About Kwikset Aura Door Lock

You can easily manage your Aura smart Bluetooth lock from your smartphone or tablet device when you are within Bluetooth range by using the Kwikset App. You’re able to lock and unlock your front door just by using a smart device and an App.

This smart door lock gives you an entry convenience at your fingertips with up to 250 programmable unique custom user codes. While using an App user receives notifications of the lock’s activity or views the lock’s event history on a smart device.

How to install Kwikset Aura

For easy installation take a look at this video. Learn how to install Kwikset Aura smart lock on your door. The process isn’t complicated, and there is no need for any kind of special tools. This smart deadbolt fits your door, no matter if you have left or right swinging doors.

A great video showing how to install Kwikset Aura smart lock

Kwikset Aura works with the Kwikset App in the United States and this product brings you security for sure. We find it good, especially for the reasonable price it is sold online.

Aura Kwikset smart lock kit
Aura Kwikset

What you’ll get in the box?

If you buy Kwikset Aura, in the box you’ll get an exterior Keypad, interior assembly, adapter ring, mounting plate, 2 keys, latch, strike, 4 AA batteries, SmartKey tool, installation Hardware, and Installation Guide.

NOTE: for first-time use, we strongly suggest you buy well-branded AA batteries.

The thing you need to have in mind, to control this smart lock you need to be in a Bluetooth range, and only then you can use Kwikset App. While you’re in Bluetooth range, with your smartphone you can easily control the door lock and see if there are any notifications related to deadbolt in your home.

Aura Kwikset can be managed and controlled with a Bluetooth-connected smart device by using a Kwikset App. Users can easily lock and unlock the door, add or remove users, control access, and monitor usage (entrance) – all that from your smartphone, or tablet device.

Aura is a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock with many smart features for home security. It has a one-touch locking and a motorized deadbolt. Within Bluetooth range of the lock, users can control the lock by using the Kwikset app. Also, users are able to manage lock settings and assign other user codes and delete codes if needed. With a personalized code, a user easily enters the home with the convenience of keyless entry. Like you saw in the video above (Kwikset Aura Install Video) smart lock is easy to install and operates with 4x AA batteries. This single cylinder deadbolt can be locked or unlocked by using the keypad or key from the outside as well as the turn button from the inside.

In case you’re asking: This is a reversible smart lock, which means you can install Kwikset Aura in both directions (left hand vs right hand). It is fully reversible. It automatically learns the direction when you insert the battery pack. If that is not working correctly, try holding the middle button while you insert the battery pack and once it’s inserted release and push the middle button once more. (See Kwikset Aura Install video for detailed explanation).