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The smart home and Internet of Things now includes your garage door opener, if you have the 828LM LiftMaster Internet Gateway. The LiftMaster model 828LM Internet Gateway allows you to open or close your garage door or gate remotely. You could open it via a smart phone app while sitting in the driveway or close it from your computer without getting out of bed.

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828LM Internet Gateway

The LiftMaster Internet Gateway only works with the Liftmaster brand MyQ enabled garage door opener. This means you will need the garage door opener as well as the Liftmaster gateway for the garage door opener to work remotely via their app.

The compatible garage door openers for this IoT controller are LiftMaster models 8500, 8550, 8557, 8587, 8355, and 8360.

You would use one of the following LiftMaster brand gate operators: CSW24V, CSL24V, or LA500.

This internet gateway should be paired with a Liftmaster model 888LM MyQ control panel. You can combine it with the model 825LM remote light switch. Then you could open the garage door and turn on the light at the touch of a button.

You can use the Liftmaster MyQ internet gateway to control up to 16 different devices. For example, you could use just one model 828LM to control two side gates and three different garage doors. You only need a compatible garage door opener or gate opener on all of them.