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We’re presenting a Lockly fingerprint Bluetooth keyless entry door smart lock PGD628F. Keep reading to find out how does this keyless smart lock work. It is one of the best models you can find and install in your home. Lockly PGD628FVB is the most wanted model right now.

Lockly PGD628FVB secure smart lock works with a fingerprint, for easy but still secure home access. This door lock has a smart high-quality touch screen for PIN input, and a fingerprint reader if you want extra security and a more convenient way to enter your home. Working with a digital keypad you can easily unlock and enter the door.

Lockly PGD628FVB
Lockly PGD628F

Brand: Lockly
Model: PGD 628 F
Color: Venetian Bronze
Material: Zinc
Finish Type: Matte
Lock Type: Biometric Fingerprint, Bluetooth, Keyed, Latch, Smartphone, Touchscreen

Before buying, you can see other options and change color and finish type as you like.

These smart locks have many features for convenient entry and keeping your home safe and secure. You can use a fingerprint to unlock the door or smartphone app. Furthermore, to unlock the door you can type a password or just use the mechanical key if necessary.

Lockly Keyless Entry Door Smart Lock PGD628F

Lockly PGD628F has it all. This is a high-quality and specially designed smart lock to maximize home security. It is compatible with most standard doors from 1-3/8” to 2” (35mm-50mm) thick. Distance from door edge to the center of hole on door face: 2-3/8”(60mm) or 2-3/4”(70mm). You can find them in a variety of colors and finishes, made of zinc alloy built lock with a rust and corrosion-resistant satin finish backed.

Keyless Entry Door Lock made by LOCKLY is a smart door lock that recognizes your fingerprint in just 0.5 seconds and unlocks your door in 1 second. It’s faster than fumbling for your keys.

Within, you’ll get a hack-proof PIN Genie digital keypad patented technology. It makes it nearly impossible to guess your personal access code. Even if somebody is watching you when entering your PIN number, hack-proof technology shuffles number locations on the secure, backlit keypad.

Smart door locks can be operated remotely by using a smartphone app. You can easily lock/unlock doors anywhere with a free LOCKLY phone app. Not only that, with this app, you can see logs to know who’s entered and exactly when. You can also take a look at logs to see if there were unwanted visitors.

The owner of this smart door lock can easily share a key or code remotely. In case you’re expecting guests (your family, guests, or service people) you can assign guest access for permanent use, or excess on specific dates or periods of time.

Lockly smart door lock PGD628F comes with a limited 5-year mechanical and finish warranty and 2-year electronics warranty & lifetime technical support.

Lockly password combination changes each time someone approaches the door
Lockly peep-proof digital keypad

Lockly Smart Door Lock PGD628F Review

This smart lock has an amazing build quality. We find it worth every penny you’ll pay for it.

NOTE: Not each piece has WiFi-enabled, and you should take a closer look if you want a door lock with WiFi.

We believe that the door lock actually shouldn’t be open to the internet. However, some prefer WiFi-enabled, and for those, we suggest looking for an extra module or to buy a smart door lock with WiFi enabled.

If you want a smart door lock with a WiFi-enabled, look for an add-on that makes it possible.

Real-time Access Logs

You can easily control keyless access and keep track of who comes and goes. These options are available through the smartphone app, with maximum comfort while analyzing logs data. You’ll have comfort in knowing your door’s status in real-time, and with a possibility to look back to see points of interest.

Create guest ekey/passcode

What we need to note is guest ekey/passcode that makes it easy for giving your friends or family access to your home. You can grant one-time use or ake it at a specific time with the duration you want. It is easy to make access by issuing codes or digital eKeys remotely via your mobile phone. Just give temporary codes to guests, visitors, housekeepers, or employees. Never worry about lost, stolen, or copied keys again.

Lockly PIN technology digital keypad
Peep-Proof Digital Keypad

Lockly Peep-Proof Digital Keypad

Lockly’s patented PIN Genie Technology ensures that the digital keypad display is unique every time someone approaches your door. This way it is almost impossible to learn someone’s PIN. Each time combination shuffles into four matrix designs.

Auto-Lock and Unlock

With auto-lock and unlock, you no longer have to look around for your keys or worry about whether you remembered to lock the door.

Few words for the end

We find this one of the best locks you can buy for a reasonable price. With a Lockly smart door lock PGD628F, you don’t need to worry about anyone trying to spy on your access codes. You won’t think if you forgot to lock your door, and it is convenient to know that you can look inside logs to see if there was any kind of unwanted activities.

The build quality is comparable to your original (standard) lock quality. The solid structure is pretty hard to break and gives you peace of mind that no one’s getting in.