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Do you want to know more about the Milwaukee M18 Router? Let’s write a short Milwaukee M18 router review. No matter if you’ve been using another router, this one should fit your needs and accomplish all the tasks you want it to.

The M18 Milwaukee router is a simple but still powerful tool for hobbyists and for mid-professional use. We’ve tested this particular model, and it is time to write a review. For those looking for a quality router, and who don’t want to pay too much, the Milwaukee M18 router should be the choice.

plunge base m18 router milwaukee
Milwaukee Compact Router M18

We don’t want to get into a full review as there are plenty of those out there. Still, we need to write about it because it is a simple tool and powerful for those who need to do work in a garage from time to time. This is the perfect tool for the application of the cordless format. Battery capacity should give you enough time to complete whatever you’re doing. If not, an extra battery will keep your tool running till finish. It has a compact design with a perfect hand tool fit for all unexcepted daily jobs. With a powerful and durable rechargeable Milwaukee M18 battery you don’t need to worry and get any tension about time leak.

Milwaukee M18 Router Fuel

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Compact Router Review
Milwaukee M18 FUEL Review

This Milwaukee M18 FUEL Compact Router combines power, speed, and accurate depth adjustments. These three can deliver clean accurate cuts in a variety of materials and applications.

The M18 leverages a high-tech brushless motor and top-notch electronics. Milwaukee M18 router delivers the power of corded 1.25 horsepower trim routers, which makes him the best-in-class up to 31,000 RPM. With this speed, you’ll get quality cuts even in hard materials. The battery lasting is something worth mentioning. With an original XC5.0 battery, the cordless compact router cuts up to 250ft of 3/8″ round overs in red-oak, providing you with all-day run time with fewer trips to the charger.

While cutting, you can easily adjust for fast and accurate depth providing highly accurate work. A variable-speed dial with a speed from 10,000 to 31,000 RPM gives you control in all applications. For maximum stability, the compact router features a sturdy 4″ sub-base plate. Dual-LED lights illuminate your work surface to work in a low-light space.

Cordless Milwaukee Compact M18 Router

What we find important is usability and removing the cord from a palm router. This just makes things that much more convenient.

For a relatively cheap price, you’ll get a really powerful hand tool not worrying about cords and plugs in your garage.