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Wanna stay in shape? If you’re interested in buying a home Gym, here comes a review and comparison for two Marcy models. Read this Marcy Home Gym review MWM 988 and MWM 990. We are going to compare MWM 988 and MWM 990.

Both models are sturdy, very similar, but with some differences, you may want to know about. Let’s explain those differences, and see what home gym fits the best.

Marcy Home Gym 988 and 990 similarities

Marcy 988 and 990, both have a maximum user capacity of 300 lbs. Both models have removable and adjustable curl pads. No matter what model you choose, you’ll get the upper and lower pulley system. Marcy MWM 988 and Marcy MWM 990 have two press arm settings that are butterfly press and chest press.

Important to say: both models are equipped with a 2 Y warranty.

SpecificationsMercy Home Gym 988Mercy Home Gym 990
Dimensions68″L x 36″W x 79″H68″L x 36″W x 79″H
Weight Stack150 lbs150 lbs
Leg DeveloperYesYes
Preacher Curl PadRemovableRemovable
Pulley SystemUpper and LowerUpper and Lower
User Capacity300 lbs300 lbs
Press Arm MotionsButterfly press and Chest pressButterfly press and Chest press
Warranty2 Years2 Years
Home Gym Marcy MWM 988 vs MWM 990

As you can see, both models are the same size. They come in an elegant, sleek, and compact design, perfectly suited to any home. Both machines are designed for versatile exercise for people who can’t go to the gym for any reason.

Marcy MWM 988 delivers a better construction than MWM 990. We can expect this model to last longer if they both treated the same. Still, you need to maintain and lubricate the parts shown in the manual for best performance and durability.

Marcy MWM 988 vs MWM 990 comparison

We can say that both models, Marcy MWM 988 and Marcy MWM 990 are well-balanced machines to work at home. We recommend Marcy 988 however, mostly because it is a more user-friendly gym machine for home use and for beginners.

Why we have choose Marcy Home WMW 988?

Marcy MWM 988
Home Gym Marcy MWM 988

This model (Marcy MWM 988) is made of 14-gauge steel, which is why it is so strong and durable. Some design advantage is there also.
In total, Marcy MWM 988 offers 36+ different exercises while MWM 990 has 30+ exercises in total. To be clear here, they both offering a great set of workouts crucial to building your body.

Marcy MWM 988 offers quiet operation, which is why it suits the best for use at any apartment.

Marcy MWM 988 requires less maintenance than MWM 990. We find this model suitable for beginners, but for regular users as well.

This machine is the ultimate starter gym! The Marcy MWM-988 is an all-rounder, and it’s amazing for starters. Not only that, the 150 lbs weight stack won’t prevent your progress when you move from one class to another (from the beginner to a regular lifter).

This composition is systematically designed, targeting every muscle group, and rapidly changing between exercises and weight.

Finally, MWM 988 is cheaper than 990. The final decision is on you, so check for the home Gym and decide which model fits you best.

What are dimensions of Marcy MWM 988?

Marcy MWM 988 gym machine dimensions are 68″ L x 36″ W x 79″ H

What are dimensions of Marcy MWM 990?

Marcy MWM 990 gym machine dimensions are 68″ L x 36″ W x 79″ H

Can I assemble Marcy Gym MWM 988?

Yes you can. You don’t need a professional help, but you’ll need someone to help you assembling.

Can I assemble Marcy Gym MWM 990?

Yes you can. You can assemble this work machine without a professional help. Still, you’ll need a helping hand.

How many exercise options MWM 988 offer?

This model comes with a workout chart, with a 15 different exercises explained.