Review of the CO-Z Brand Slide Gate Opener

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The CO-Z brand gate opener is an automatic sliding gate opener. It has been ranked among the top five gate openers for under two hundred dollars.

This sturdy stainless-steel gate opener can be installed to open gates that weigh up to 1400 pounds and re-up to 40 feet long. CO-Z delivers enough power to sustain and support heavy-duty gates.

CO-Z Slide Gate Opener Review

CO Z sliding gate opener

Why did the product get such high ratings? One of the best in its class. Let’s see why is that?

First, it can open gates up to 1400 pounds. It is unusual for being able to handle gates as long as 40 feet long. (The longer the gate, the lower the weight threshold.) That makes it a great choice for handling long metal or wood gates that control access to your backyard.

This is one of the few gate openers on the market that can handle heavy-duty gates. The gate opener itself is 10 inches by 10 inches by 18 inches. It weighs 34 pounds. A strong device in a small package, right?

Up to 23 different remote controls

The CO-Z slide gate opener is unusual for including smart home technology.

The most basic packages include remote controls so you can open the gate at the touch of a button. More importantly, it will work at a distance of up to a hundred feet. Push a button and start coming down the driveway, and the gate will be open by the time you’re ready to pull in. The automatic gate control system can handle a variety of remotes. In fact, you can have up to 23 different remote controls to control the same gate. That makes the CO-Z gate opener a possibility for small apartment buildings and HOAs. You can buy extra remotes from CO-Z.

CO Z gate opener parts

The CO-Z gate opening system has several safety features. There is a manual release key, so you can open the gate if the power is out. Some of the more advanced CO-Z sliding gate systems have backup batteries and solar panels to charge them. This model is suitable for 110-volt power outlets. That means you can plug it into a standard wall outlet to operate it.

CO-Z Gate Opener Wireless Keypad

The CO-Z Gate Opener system can often be integrated with a wireless keypad so that you can let service people into the parking lot without giving them a remote. Then you would simply change the pass code periodically to prevent unauthorized access.

The RF hopping code technology or rolling code is used by the system prevents someone from picking up the control code, copying it, and using an unauthorized remote to open your gate.

CO-Z technical specifications

Motor Power: 150W
Output Torque: 14Nm
Max. Gate Weight: 1100lb
Max. Gate Length: 40ft
Gate Speed: 10.5″-12″ per second
Chain Length: 20ft
Chain Number: 2

The gate opening system is made from stainless steel. It isn’t going to rust shut. The gate will be pulled open by a stainless steel chain. The chain itself is protected by a protection lid. This reduces the odds of it rusting or jamming. The end result is a better than average service life for the gate opener. It is quieter than average, too.

The gate opener can be set to auto-close. More importantly, you can set the interval. The default intervals are 12, 24, and 36 seconds after the gate is opened. This allows the user to drive through and know they don’t have to choose to close the gate. This also reduces the risk that the owner will forget to close the gate.

The gates need to be on level ground for the system to work. This can prevent the CO-Z Gate Opener system from being an option if the gate is otherwise moving uphill or downhill.

CO Z automatic sliding gate opener is ideal for powerful sliding gates. It comes at an affordable price, with the possibility of adding up to 23 extra remotes. It operates with 4 buttons remote: open, close, stop. Featuring extra protection of the remote code due to RF hopping it is secure enough for both, residential and commercial use. Gate closing timer can be easily configured. CO-Z sliding gate opener housing has made from stainless steel, it is rust-free with enough power for smooth operation.