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First of all, let’s explain what is roll up door garage door opener? The name itself “roll-up garage door opener” may sound unfamiliar to you, there is a big chance you’ve seen them many times. Mostly they’re used at rental centers, distribution centers, and government buildings. The roll-up garage door openers are installed on roll-up garage doors. They’re made of horizontal sheets of steel, and they don’t run on a horizontal track system. Unlike standard residential garage doors, when the roll up door is opened, the steel sheets coil up in a roll at the top of the inside of the garage.

The roll-up door can be opened by hand, or by using an electric motor. If you’re talking about a roll-up door with an electric motor, and logic control board, you call this automatically operated roll-up door. Once the roll-up mechanism has been installed it is easy to install an automatic opener for roll up door.

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Garage Door Opener For Roll Up Door

When choosing a garage door for your garage, you have two main options. Many people looking for a residential garage door option for a traditional sectional garage door. These garage door openers are designed in a way that pulls the door into the garage on horizontal runners, resting the open door near the garage ceiling. Unlike traditional garage door openers, automatic openers for roll up door has its own benefits. These doors are most often used for commercial and industrial purposes, but they can also be ideal for homes, sheds, and garages. By using roll-up doors you’ll save space and get some other benefits also.

Types of Roll-Up Garage Doors

If you’re looking for a roll up garage door opener, you should know the two main types of roll-up garage doors. Knowing that you can look for an appropriate automatic opener for roll up door type you have.

These are the two main types of roll up garage doors:

Roll-up sheet doors: This type of roll-up garage door mostly has been used in backyard sheds, mini-warehouses, storage facilities and loading docks, as well as other commercial operations. Roll-up sheet doors are made of one large piece of steel. This is a compact design and it is mostly used in light commercial applications. Sheet doors are the most inexpensive type of roll-up garage door.

Rolling steel doors: Rolling steel doors might look the same as a sheet door, but they aren’t. Actually, they don’t work exactly the same, and there is a difference in the design of each. The rolling steel door is made of metal slats rather than one large steel sheet. Rolling steel doors are primarily used in industrial and high-security areas, mostly as pharmacy counter windows, factories, and transit centers.

Benefits of Roll-Up Garage Doors

When you’re looking for a garage door to install, consider a roll-up door. A roll-up garage door has many advantages over a traditional sectional garage door, and we are going to cover the most obvious. Some of these include:

Heightened security: The materials used in roll-up doors provide more security than a sectional door. The strength of the steel ensures intruders are kept out, and your valuables are locked in. These doors also provide fire resistance and are less susceptible to vandalism. That’s why these doors are used in industrial and buildings with high-security demands.

Durability: Steel easily resists both harsh weather conditions and everyday wear and tear to ensure your roll-up garage door lasts far longer than traditional garage door materials.

Ability to save space: Rather than opening along tracks, roll-up doors are folded into a roll. While sectional garage doors are stored inward where space has to be allotted for them, both commercial and industrial roll-up garage doors are rolled into a small space, taking up very little overhead room.

Are the roll-up doors automatic?

Well, they don’t need to be, but they sure can be automatic. If you want to have an automatic roll-up door you can install an automatic opener especially made for roll up doors. That way you’ll have more convenience while operating the door. These roll-up doors can be insulated and automated for better performance. They function the same way as standard curtain doors.

There you have many models to choose from, and specifications to select an appropriate roll up garage door opener.

Auto garage roller door opener is mainly used for steel roller doors with springs, to operate the door automatically. When you’re looking for a roller, find the one with features like quiet operation, high speed, and smooth drive.

Depending on your needs, and how heavy a door you have, make sure to choose a roller door opener that can lift the weight. Most roller door openers are designed for easy installation with small side room requirements and reliable casing. By choosing a roller with remote controllers, you’ll be able to control open/close doors from a long distance (up to 170 ft or more).

Featuring the low power consumption LED courtesy light, the roller will automatically light on when the door is activated. This way the door operates more securely, notifying people nearby.

The gate openers (the better ones) are equipped with overload protection and obstruction detection for safety. They should have a manual release to open the gate in case of power failure manually.

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