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Schwinn Airdyne Pro and Ad7 comparison and review of each bike. We are going to write a comparison and review for two well-known fitness bikes that are competition models and many buyers want to know which one is better and why.

Schwinn Airdyne PRO vs Ad7 review and compare
Schwinn Airdyne PRO vs Ad7

These both look the same, but there are few differences that mean a lot. Before continuing, we have to say that these are the two most reliable indoor bikes. You won’t regret it no matter which one you choose. For exercise, you’ll be more than just happy no matter the model you’re driving.

First, we’re going to note features that you’ll get in both models. Both bikes, Schwinn Airdyne PRO and Ad7 share many features and now you’ll see which one.

Schwinn Airdyne Pro vs Airdyne 7 comparison and review follows…

Take a closer look, to find out features they share:

Similar Features these bikes have

  • Both bikes (Schwinn Airdyne Pro and Schwinn Ad7) have preset programs that make the workout more effective and comfortable
  • Schwinn Airdyne Pro and Schwinn Ad7 have infinite resistance levels, which means you can switch between the intense workout level
  • They both have the same watt so that you can effectively complete your workout daily
  • These two Schwinn Airdyne series bikes let you track your workout that is not included in the earlier Airdyne series

More detailed review of each

Differences and Similarities: Schwinn Airdyne Pro vs Ad7. Take a look at this comparison table. It is easy to note that they share so many features. It is hard to tell what is a better bike, so keep reading to find out the differences and to choose the one that fits your needs.

SpecificationsSchwinn Airdyne ProSchwinn Ad7
Dimensions42″ x 20″ x 52″41.6″ x 19.7″ x 52.1″
Weight Capacity350lbs350lbs
Heart RateTelemetry EnabledTelemetry Enabled
Resistance LevelInfiniteInfinite
Display ReadoutsTime, Distance, Speed, Calories, RPM, WattsTime, Distance, Speed, Calories, RPM, Watts
SeatPadded, Replaceable, Fore/Aft AdjustmentPadded, Replaceable, Fore/Aft Adjustment
Power Requirements2 x D Batteries (included)2x D Batteries (included)
Drive SystemSingle-Stage Belt DriveSingle-Stage Belt Drive
HandlebarsMulti-grip HandleabarsMulti-grip Handlebars
Water Bottle HolderYesYes
Warranty10 Y Warranty on Frame10 Y Warranty on Frame
Schwinn Airdyne Pro vs Schwinn Ad7

A comparison table doesn’t make this decision any easier. It is time to write few details that could be helpful in making a final decision.

Speaking about Watt Power we can say that both models produce the same watt power. They both have the same RPM with the “A” class watts rating. The cycles produce a highly accurate result under 50 RPM, and the watts measurements are always in +/-5 watt tolerance.

The first thing we can write as a difference between these bikes is the fact that Airdyne Pro offers an innovative 26-blade performance fan with a single-stage belt drive. These blades respond to the power of the exercise, as well as help reduce energy. The 26-blade fan offers you a more effective workout than the Ad7 since it has a 25-blade fan.

Construction differences

Schwinn Airdyne Ad PRO review
Schwinn Airdyne Ad PRO

Schwinn Airdyne Pro design provides long-lasting performance. It is made of heavy-duty commercial-grade materials and with a double-coated steel body. Furthermore, the Pro is built with a moisture-repellent frame so that you can endure the most challenging sweat sessions for the upcoming years.

Schwinn Airdyne Pro has four contact levelers that are equipped with structural support. On the other side, the Ad7 was built with anti-corrosion, plus coated with the powder to protect the machine from the water and sweat.

These differences are good to know, and they should be a guide for the decision you’ll make. Keep in mind, both models have a 10Y warranty on frame, meaning that you should be OK, in case that 10 Y is a comfortable working expectance period for you.

Compared to the Schwinn Ad7, the Airdyne Pro deliver a smooth and quieter motion feature. Schwinn Ad7 bike has a single-stage drive for effective power transfer, and it is easy to maintain. A complaint is that it makes noise when it’s in use. The Airdyne Pro features a smooth belt drive that keeps low noise, making your workout experience more pleasant. However, both offer infinite resistance levels.

Talking about comfort, we can say that Schwinn Airdyne Pro is a better choice. It has the seat built with a padded cushion. Although both have the ability to adjust the seat according to your height, a padded cushion comes only with a Pro model. Additionally, the handlebars are multi-grip, so you can comfortably hold them, no matter the model you’ve chosen.

Both models are easy to assemble

Both models, Schwinn Airdyne Pro and Ad7 are easy to assemble and set up. Furthermore, either model takes a little space. You should manage to assembly your new bike in about 15~20 minutes. Bikes are powered by the 2 x D batteries included in the package.

Schwinn Airdyne Ad7 review
Schwinn Airdyne Ad7

Schwinn Airdyne AD Pro Console

Schwinn Airdyne Pro has a simple and intuitive console to navigate. It is all digital with a monochrome segment LCD display that delivers essential stats at your fingertips. Get into a program at the push of a button. You can track your performance in heart rate, RPM, distance, watts, and calories. Not only that, with console buttons it is easy to make adjustments throughout your workouts as necessary to optimize each session. Keep an eye on the addictive tachometer that visually signals how hard you’re exercising and provides the average calorie burn per minute.

Schwinn Airdyne Ad7 Exercise Bike

The Schwinn Airdyne Ad7 bike combines the latest in air resistance technology with unmatched durability and performance. By using this bike you’re allowed to reach your full potential in the comfort of your own home. Whether you use it to bring your workouts to a new level or to keep the perfect total body cardio workout, the Ad7 delivers versatile and challenging workouts.

Final words

Schwinn Airdyne Pro and Ad7 are backed up with the six months labor, which is to maintain the bikes. You have a 2-year warranty on the electronics, 2-years on mechanical parts, and a 10-years warranty on the frame. Both bikes come with a satisfactory warranty level.

If you are concerned about the bike’s durability and want the better one, go with the Schwinn Ad Pro. If you’re not very impressed with the slight improvements that Pro has, you can go with an Ad7 and save a few bucks. Consider the Schwinn Ad7 if you need an affordable bike.

FAQ about Schwinn Airdyne Pro and Ad7

Do I need electricity to use this bike?

No, these two are mechanical bikes. There is no need for electricity, only 2 x D batteries for the display.

Can a 6 ft tall person fit on them?

Yes, 6ft people tall can fit on the bike.

Will the handles lock?

No, it will not lock, and you can fold your arms or leave them at your side to continue to pedal.

What is the warranty for these?

Both of the Schwinn come up with 10 years warranty on frame and three months of free service.

Which Schwinn is the best for the commercial gym?

The Schwinn AD Pro is the best for the commercial gym since it comes with a better warranty. It also has better options for exercise.

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