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When we’re talking about a slide gate opener, first of all, we talk about electric slide gate opener units. These are pretty common in the States, meaning that they’re installed in a significant number of private homes and business properties (warehouses, garages, and private parking lots) all around the country.

These electric slide gate openers for driveways are mostly used for commercial and industrial purposes. However, many homeowners have an electric smart slider gate opener in front of their homes. There are so many reasons why they are ideal for homes, parking lots, and private properties in general. By using electric slide gate openers for driveways you’ll save space, get a more convenient approach to your property and get some other benefits also. The last one especially applies in case you have a smart slider gate opener.

easy slider gate opener troubleshooting
Gate opener

An electric slide gate opener usually includes a single operator unit, sometimes two but rarely. The operator unit controls the electric motor and sensors attached to the whole system. All together, these are working flawlessly most of the time. Sometimes, however, problems may ocure. In case of any trouble, if you don’t know how to do slide gate opener troubleshooting, we suggest calling a specialized technician.

For the homeowners with a dual slide gate, it is necessary to purchase two openers. You can find units already designed for dual slide gates, or combine two units to work together.

The point is: choose the gate opener or operator that fits your needs. If you’re unsure, we suggest calling a specialized technician and then choose the appropriate slide gate opener.

Heavy slide doors, the ones you’ll find in commercial installations or multi-residence communities, require a heavier-duty driveway gate opener.

One of the most known heavy-duty slide door openers is Liftmaster Slide Gate Opener. It is a commercial duty gate opener designed to be used with sliding gates up to 37 ft. and 1000 lbs.

Americans Love To Buy Rack And Pinion Slide Gate Operator Models

Let us explain what is rack and pinion slide gate opener.

Althoug a chain driven operator is easy to install, most homweowners in America choose rack and pinion gate openers. These are designed to use a sections of rack that get bolted to the bottom part of the gate. That way, a straight leveled is formed on the whole lenght side of your gate. On the bottom side there are teeth facing downward. These teeth interact with a mechanized gear on the opener that moves the gate open/close. The main advantage of rack and pinion is that once it is installed it is quiet, highly reliable, and requires little to no maintenance at all.

Elite Robo Slide Gate Opener

Besides Liftmaster, another brand from the U.S. (Chamberlain) is producing slide gate openers. Quality, and all other that comes with that has guarantied with a brand name Chamberlain Professional Products. They make intelligent slide gate openers, specialized for a residential apliances, offering models apropriate for the job they have to do. If you’re homeowner, and you want to buy slide gate opener for a reasonable price, with quality expected, Chamberlain could be what you’re looking for.

chain slide gate opener parts and accessories
chain slide gate opener

Chain slide gate opener standard parts:
A: Gate opener
B: Limit magnet
C: Infrared sensor
D: Chain
E: Remote control
F: Alarm Lamp
G: Wireless Keypad


Power Supply: 110V /60HZ
Motor Power: 280W
Gate Moving Speed: 39.36ft/min
Max Gate Weight: 600KG/1800lbs
Remote Control mode: Four button mode
Chain Length:19.68ft
Package Weight: 39lbs/20KG

Rack and pinion slide gate openers have their own advantages, however, a chain slide gate opener isn’t something you should avoid in any circumstances. A Chain slide gate opener operates without any disruption, and the only thing to think about is chain maintenance.

Slide Gate Opener Troubleshooting

If you have a slide gate with measures that don’t fit exactly as it should, take a look at these adjustable slide gate dual guide rollers. They are designed for sliding rolling gates as a universal fit on most heavy-duty slide gates. Rollers are protected with a double UHMW hard nylon Anti-Tipping material for long-lasting and the best performance.

Equipped to Fit any Slide Rolling Gates – Bolted Bracket Mount 4” x 4”
Adjustable Hard Ball Bearing 3″ Dual Nylon Upper Bracket – Up to 4.5” inches
Over All Shaft Dimensions – 10” L x 2” W x 2” D
Prevents Gate from falling off the tracks and enhances the performances
Heavy Duty Steel Bracket – Build to Last a lifetime

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