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We’re going to write a few lines on this smart deadbolt door lock. It is SMONET smart lock, unit that comes with all smart technologies inside. This smart door lock has a biometric fingerprint sensor, touchscreen keypad, and a regular key for entering. Furthermore, to enter your home you can use IC Card or a Smartphone app.

Before going any further with this review, many people are looking for SMONET customer service. If you’re one of them, the SMONET customer service can be found on this link.

What does a smart lock actually do? This smart lock unit is an elegant solution, specially designed for home safety and, easy entrance for the homeowners. SMONET Smart lock gives you all the smart technologies integrated to work within a door deadbolt. It has electronic Bluetooth working with a Biometric Fingerprint Reader, Digital Keys, IC Card Reader, Touchscreen Keypad for PIN input, and Auto-Lock feature as well.

smonet smart lock review
SMONET Smart Lock

SMONET brand and products

SMONET is a worldwide known brand specialized as a professional smart door lock manufacturer. Furthermore, SMONET is known as a company that makes many other smart home products.

SMONET company has a focus on product innovation, making their products high-quality. Most of their products are available in the U.S. with store sales and sales via Amazon stores. Our links are Amazon affiliate links, which means that we can earn a commission if you buy something by following Amazon links from this site. SMONET customer service is available globally, still, it is fair to say that customer support mostly goes through their offices in China. We hope they’ll open offices in the States which should give them one higher level of trust from the customer standpoint.

Let’s back to the SMONET lock review. What these locks do is amazing. You can keep your home safe and secured with all the smart technologies available today. With a SMONET lock, you can make your home smarter, and safer at the same time.

smart lock SMONET
SMONET Keypad Lock

What we can say in this review, this lock is definitely smart. We love having the fingerprint sensor on it as that’s what we used to use on smartphone devices years back.

The IC card reader gives it an advantage over some other models available on the market. Take a look at this Lockly PGD628F model for example.

Just to complain a bit, we have experienced small touchscreen difficulties when entering the PIN combinations. The touchscreen works well, but feels is like it isn’t responsive as we used to while using smartphones whole the time. This could be an expectations-related problem, however, we think that the touchscreen could be improved.

For those who like to use the IC card, there shouldn’t be any problems. This smart door lock works flawlessly, especially if you want to use an IC card or fingerprint combination to lock/unlock your door.

Before you buy things you should know

Before you buy the model you want, take some time to read install instructions and to look at pictures closely. Some models require a hole to be drilled in the door to support the lock. Installation instructions clearly explain how to install SMONET lock, and all the hardware demands you’ll need to provide.

SMONET Smart Door Lock Review

To make a short SMONET smart lock review, we can say that the lock itself seems and feels to be decently built. These models have smooth and quite decent locking motion. The lock bolt works flawlessly without any interruptions, and it is designed to be safe without fear of unwanted entrance. If you’re familiar with basic DIY skills, you can install the lock fast and easy.

Depends on your purchase, most SMONET smart door locks are delivered with all the hardware that is needed for installation, plus 4 AA batteries and two RFID cards.

Smart door lock communicates over Bluetooth to set up the lock and to use its functions as well. The pairing of the lock goes super easy, with a setup that takes about 5-10 minutes. We can say the app for administration and functionality of the lock is really fantastic definitely makes this lock something we can recommend to anyone. There are some other advanced features that this lock and app has to offer that we find good to have. Maybe you won’t use them all, but it is nice to have those options.