Comparing a Chamberlain Vs Genie garage door openers

Garage Door Openers Chamberlain and Genie are both very popular garage door openers that can be purchased at most department stores or online retailers. In this post, we are going to explain some differences between the brand Chamberlain and Genie. Read this comparison, to see how they differ from each other, what are similarities and … Read more

Chamberlain Side Mount Garage Door Opener

Let’s explain what is a side mount garage door opener. In this post, we are going to explain this term on a Chamberlain model RJO20. This is quite a popular garage door opener, especially for those owners lacking garage space. By using a wall-mount (side mount) garage door opener you can save ceiling space, and … Read more

Chamberlain C870 Garage Door Opener Review

Chamberlain brings quality, value, and convenience all together in garage access. This company does more than just open and close your garage door. Chamberlain products are designed to keep your home safe and secure, and this model (C870) does it well. Chamberlain C870 garage door opener includes innovative, high-tech features like built-in smartphone control to … Read more

Chamberlain RJO20 vs RJO70 Compare and Review

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Garage Door Opener Chamberlain

Chamberlain is a smart-home product manufacturer. Most of their products work with the myQ smart home network. Chamberlain garage door opener for sure is a well-known brand in the US. This company brings us smart technology and many innovative solutions with decades of experience and presence in the States market. They primarily make garage door … Read more