Chamberlain Durable Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

While talking about the Chamberlain durable chain drive garage door opener, these are the models we have in mind. Let’s take a look, to find out what are the most known Chamberlain models use chain drive systems. We are going to describe Chamberlain chain drive garage door openers, specially designed for optimal lifting power and … Read more

Roll Up Garage Door Opener

First of all, let’s explain what is roll up door garage door opener? The name itself “roll-up garage door opener” may sound unfamiliar to you, there is a big chance you’ve seen them many times. Mostly they’re used at rental centers, distribution centers, and government buildings. The roll-up garage door openers are installed on roll-up … Read more

Chamberlain garage door opener C450 review

Till now, we have written so many Chamberlains reviews, and still, so many reviews need to be written. In this post, we are going to write a Chamberlain C450 review. Take a look at his quick Chamberlain C450 review, and compare this garage door opener to some other units we have described before. Chamberlain brand … Read more

Garage Door Opener Genie

Genie garage doors are the fourth most popular product on the market according to industry surveys. Roughly eight percent of new homes have a Genie garage door opener installed. The company also makes professional line openers, though these must be dealer installed. Their traditional models include a 24 volt wall mounted unit that won’t need … Read more

Garage Door Opener beamUP

BeamUP is a relatively small player when it comes to garage door openers. One point in favor of BeamUP is that it is perfect for almost any smart home user. It is compatible with the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple, Homelink and IFTT smart home systems. This means you could control it via your Apple … Read more

Garage Door Opener LiftMaster

The garage door opener LiftMaster makes are installed in half of all new homes, according to a builder’s survey from 2018. They are the most popular brand of garage door openers in the United States. LiftMaster dominates the American garage door opener market because they make heavy-duty openers that open almost every type of door. … Read more