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More than 90% of homes in the U.S. are using some kind of garage door opener system. That is why we are going to explain the difference between a wall-mount and overhead garage door opener systems. These two are the main mount system in the context of installing a garage door opener. You should know the differences and pros and cons for each.

In the year 2021, it is almost impossible to even imagine opening and closing garage doors manually. By installing a garage door system you’ll get an automated system to control open/close garage doors. Besides that, if you choose wisely, you can receive notifications and garage door status on your smartphone, tablet, or some other smart device. New models are well equipped with a variety of smart features, many safety sensors, etc…

What is a wall-mount garage door opener?

wall-mount garage door opener

In this picture, you can see a well-known garage door opener model. It is a wall-mount designed, and easy to install on either side of your garage door.

With its design, you’ll get all the ceiling space for other things. It frees up ceiling space for extra storage, light fixtures, ceiling fans, or anything you’ll need.

Wall-mount garage door openers are a bit more expensive than overhead models, but also they deliver more than other models.

So, let’s explain what is a wall-mount garage door opener stands for? A wall-mounted opener is mounted on the wall, on either side of the garage door. That means that it can be mounted on the left or the right wall of the garage, near to garage door. Instead of using mail tracking, it is connected directly to the torsion bar of the garage door.

The main benefit of this design is that it can be used in garages that don’t have much overhead space. If you don’t have space to store the garage door parallel to the ceiling, a wall mount is ideal.

What is a Overhead Garage Door Opener?

Overhead garage door opener model

In this picture, you can see an overhead garage door opener. It is designed for installing on the ceiling, with an overhead door system.

This design won’t let you have extra ceiling space for something else. Still, many people choosing these models because they are reliable and cost-effective.

Let’s explain what is an overhead garage door opener stands for? An overhead garage door is also known as a ceiling mount. This is a common option for residential use, and these units are usually less expensive. Ceiling-mount garage door openers work by using a motorized operating system that is mounted on the ceiling. When you’re choosing an overhead door opener, you have options to choose either a belt, chain or a screw-drive mechanism.

What to choose?

First of all, choose a well-known brand, and second, try to choose an appropriate model for your garage door.

If you have a garage with a high ceiling, and you want to maintain that ceiling space, think of buying a wall-mounted garage door opener. On the other hand, for those looking for a budget garage door opener, an overheat model should be the first choice.

Don’t buy a model that lacking features. These days, modern garage door openers bring all the safety and smart features we need in modern life. Top-selling brands in the U.S. are well equipped, with smart compatibility, and smartphone control capability.

Finally pros and cons for each

For each garage door opener, there are various advantages and drawbacks to keep in mind. That’s the reason why you should look at a few factors before committing.

If you prefer a jackshaft opener, consider the following:

  • Side mount pros: If your garage has a high ceiling, or if you want to maintain your ceiling space for storage, a wall-mounted garage door opener may be best for you. These models are also easier to maintain since they’re lower and more accessible.
  • Side mount cons: Since the side-mount style is making the door move from a lower point, these openers can’t lift heavy doors, and they require substantial headroom to operate correctly. You will also need to ensure that you have adequate space and an electrical outlet adjacent to your garage door.

An overhead garage door opener comes with its own set of pros and cons:

  • Ceiling mount pros: This proven style is reliable and cost-effective, both in terms of initial purchase price and maintenance. Additionally, its efficient design allows it to lift heavier doors, opening up a wider variety of garage door styles to complement your home if you decide you need a replacement.
  • Ceiling mount cons: Obviously, an overhead garage door opener will take up space in your ceiling, potentially depriving you of a storage area. This style can also be louder than the side-mounted alternative, so it may not be ideal if your garage is situated under a bedroom.

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