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WeJupit V8 makes your home smart, with maximum security and peace of mind. We are going to write a short WeJupit V8 smart lock review, giving you good to know information about the product. Let’s see what EeJupit V8 smart door lock has to offer and what are the pros & cons for this smart lock.

This model comes with a high-quality and extra sensitive touchscreen with keys to enter PIN combinations. Furthermore, it has a fingerprint sensor, combined with smart technology to distinguish real human fingerprints from fake ones.

Why use Smart Lock in the first place?

Unlike traditional locks, this is a smart device with features that gives you more than just a lock. This padlock has an app called Igloohome mobile app that records the date and the time visitors enter your home, plus it provides an activity log for better peace of mind. We can say that it is made with a high-quality finish and designed to fit almost every home out there. Like we wrote before, WeJupit V8 is equipped with a smart security biometric lock and offers the best process and materials available. It has unique features like a 3-in-1 keyless entry, which can be accessed by fingerprint, a code, or a backup key. Yes, you have an option to use a backup (classic) key in case it is necessary. WeJupit V8 has smart functions like auto-relock, temporary visitor mode, and two people combination code.

In the past, we have already written few smart door lock reviews (Lockly Smart Lock PGD628F and SMONET Smart Lock) which you can read if you like. Unlike products described before, this WeJupit V8 is 100% made in the USA. If you find that important while choosing your smart door lock, that is the info you should know.

V8 model comes equipped with a TI chip that ensures the premium quality of the fingerprint access cores. Semi-conductor fingerprint sensor, which is 1.5-2 times more sensitive than optical fingerprint sensors, is also friendly to children and seniors. High-security level based on the anti-fake finger, anti-peep password, and anti-technical unlocking functions. Works under any severe conditions with an operating temperature of 5-140 °F. These informations are good to know before buying a product designed to operate in outdoor conditions.

WeJupit V8 smart door lock review
WeJupit V8 Smart Door Lock

A smart lock is powered by 4x AA batteries that should last for 8~12 months, depending on usage. When the power runs low, the user will be notified after opening the lock. A red light blinks and an alarm rings, reminding that time for a battery change is came. In case you miss the chance to replace your batteries, you have an option to use a power bank to charge the system and temporarily make an access and replace batteries.

Actually, you don’t want to have WiFi connectivity

Although some door lock models have WiFi connectivity, WeJupit V8 doesn’t. This is an intentionally omitted feature that keeps the maximum security level for your home and people living there. WeJupit V8 does not have wireless connectivity because it decreases the safety of a lock. That is an official statement from the brand and we’re OK with it. In case you have a temporary visitor, you could set a temporary passcode for the visitor and then disable it later.

Smart door lock WeJupit V8
WeJupit V8 Door Lock

WeJupit V8 Secure Mechanical Key

This smart lock has safety features, in case of electronic misbehave you can always use a classic lock cylinder and lock/unlock the door. The gearing mechanism is made of 100% premium brass, with a top-notch secure level, and the whole unit is wear-resistant, crash-resistant, and rust-proof.

The lock cylinder has a double row vane lock core, which has been proven better than a normal single row lock core.

The door lock mechanism is tested, and tests show it works excellently over 200,000 times under normal conditions.

The fingerprint sensor has no cover, making it more visible and convenient to users.

WeJupit V8 is made of an anti-corrosion 304 stainless steel shell. Unlike other brands, we can say this unit is more durable and wear-resistant. It uses stainless steel plate instead of a zinc alloy plate, which is anti-corrosion, dust-proof, waterproof, and rust-proof, making the lock suitable for humid areas or seaside resorts.

How does it work? This is a sophisticated fingerprint smart lock that you can access the door by entering a password or simply placing your finger on the fingerprint scanner.

It is super sensitive and accurate with a super recognition system. Like we have already mentioned, it is made in America, with a high-quality TI chip, and with a touchscreen with over 2000 fingerprint collection points. This combination works fast and flawlessly, with less than 0.5 seconds to identifies a person’s fingerprint. You can store 200 fingerprints, grouped into 10 administrators and 190 guests fingerprint files.

WeJupit V8 smart door lock is a safe and convenient way to access your home. It has an anti-fake finger, anti-peep password, and anti-technical unlocking functions which ensure high-level security for your home and office.

WeJupit V8 safety features

The anti-peep password feature ensures you can randomly input 1-6 numbers before or after the correct password and you can still access the deadbolt.

While you’re typing on the keypad, the password is hidden as * to prevent viewing by others. You can type a temporary password to allow visitors to access and then disable it shortly after.

WeJupit V8 is durable, as it is made of unique 304 stainless steel, with anti-collision, waterproof, and rustproof materials. It works under any severe conditions, with a temperature range from 5-140°F. Long battery life goes between 8~12 months.